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The administration and staff would like to welcome all students to ABT. We pledge our support to help you learn, to meet the course and credit requirements for graduation and to become a successful member of our school. We hope this handbook will be helpful in providing answers to your most immediate questions about school policies and procedures.


Academy for Business & Technology Middle School has implemented an Anti-Bullying Initiative and Positive Behavior Support program (PBIS) to help address bullying and harassment as well as other problem behaviors among middle school students.  Middle school students will have the opportunity to earn rewards for demonstrating respectful and responsible behaviors in addition to receiving consequences for various problem behaviors.  The goal of the Academy for Business & Technology Middle School is to increase positive behaviors among students and decrease negative problem behaviors in effort to ensure that ABTHS is a safe learning environment for everyone.

Threatening/Bullying Students Intimidating, bullying, or interfering with other students by threats of violence or physical harm is prohibited. Any student found bullying another student or staff will receive the following consequences:
First Occurrence:  Three (3) days Suspension/Parent Meeting/Behavior Contract (Plan)
Second Occurrence:  Five (5) days Suspension/Parent Notification
All Other Occurrences:  Ten (10) days Suspension/Parent Notification

Bullying Report Form

There are many forms of bullying (please see below). This can occur during and after school or on and off school grounds. Bullying is not allowed or tolerated  at ABT Middle and High School. 

  • Physical bullying – repeated pushing, bumping, or other unwanted physical contact designed and intended to harm, embarrass, or demean another student.

  •  Verbal bullying – repeated teasing, name-calling, use of profanity towards another individual, or harmful gossip.

  •  Relational bullying – repeated intimidation, humiliation, exclusion, or social isolation.

  •  Cyber bullying – repeatedly takes place electronically through text messaging or on social networks.

*** If you believe that the behavior you have either experienced or witnessed is bullying – please complete the anonymous bullying report found below:

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